orĀ Automated Calls

WRL’s robocalls or automated calls allows you to send hundreds, thousands or millions of automated or interactive calls.

Instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote calls, and call to action calls easily and efficiently.

Features of WRL robocalls include:

Target specific types of call recipients

Optimize your call campaign for answering machines, live answers or both. WRL can automatically detect whether a live person or answering machine answered the call and deliver your call accordingly.

Easy recording options

Record your messages using WRL dial-in service, your own computer, or our professional voice over talent.

Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls

Calls that were not answered are automatically re-dialed free of charge.

Powerful call transfer management

Transfer call recipients to a phone number of your choice. *additional charge

Personalized service

A WRL account representative will take the time to get to know you and will continue to support your needs on an ongoing basis.

Data Management

A WRL account representative can merge your existing data with new phone numbers, remove duplicate phone numbers, remove cellular phone numbers, and take into account DNC (Do not call) lists, when appropriate.

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