What is the process to complete automated calls?

Automated calls are a two step process.

Step 1 – Data. Data can be provided by you in a .csv, .txt., excel, .dbf, or other common database forms. This can be done via ftp or email depending on the size of the file. WRL then checks for duplicates, removes cell phones, and cross references with the National Do Not Call list, if needed. For a small additional fee, WRL can update or append phone numbers to your list to ensure the highest completion rate possible. Don’t have data? We can purchase a list for you through one of our many relationships.

Step 2 – Message. You have several options. You can call our WRL recording line with any land line phone and record your message. You have the option of replaying it and recording as many times as you like until you are comfortable with the message. Don’t like your voice? No problem, for a small additional charge, we have professional voice talents on retainer.

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