What format should my data be in?

Your data should be in a CSV (comma delimited or tab delimited), XLS, or XLSX format.

The name can be in one of three formats:

  • One Full Name Field
  • First and Last Name Fields Separate
  • First, Middle and Last Name Fields Separate

The Address should be 

  • One Address Field
  • Two Address Fields
  • Three Address Fields

Note: If the apartment number is formatted with the primary address line, enter only the one address line. If the apartment number is in a separate field enter the two or three address fields as needed.

For addresses parsed into more than 3 parts (e.g. street pre-directional, house number, street name, street post-directional, apartment number) you will need to process the data offline before sending.

Phone Field(s). The system can process files with any one of the following 3 formats:

  • No Phone Field
  • One – 10 Byte Field
  • Three Separate Fields

  Note: – Do not include the parenthesis, brackets, or hyphens when entering the start positions.

– Area codes must be entered for proper verification of client phone numbers.

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