What are the disadvantages of using IVR?

The main disadvantage to IVR is a higher hang-up rate. However, this can be easily overcome because an automated polling system can contact more people, faster than live person calling.

Another disadvantage to IVR polling is that respondents are more likely to hang up before the poll is completed especially on longer surveys, which is not as likely with live person calling. Again, this can be easily overcome since IVR can reach far more people, far faster than traditional live person calling.

The second disadvantage is the increase in cord cutters or households with cell phones only. IVR technology is prohibited from knowingly calling cell phones. Cell phone calls must be initiated with a live caller. In the case were the budget allows, WRL will collect a sample from cell phones (usually around 20% of the total sample) using live callers. These results will then be combined with data collected using IVR for the final analysis.

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