What are the advantages of using IVR?

One advantage of using IVR is that it eliminates a questioner’s bias. When using live callers, the mood of the questioner, their tone of voice, or the questioner mispronouncing names can often have a derogatory effect on the person being polled and cause them to answer in ways that they might not, otherwise.

In addition, the person being polled will often fear being judged by the person asking the questions. When the issue being polled is a potentially sensitive issue, the person answering the questions has the potential to be less truthful and more politically correct when answering a live caller. Conversely, when responding to pre-recorded questions, a respondent will often be more truthful because they know that the computer can’t judge them or develop an opinion about them based on their answers.

Finally, an additional advantage is price. IVR polling democratizes polling and brings information to those campaigns, organizations, and companies that otherwise may not be able to afford data.

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