From Webster’s Dictionary:

Main Entry: war room

Function: noun

2 : a room (as at a business headquarters) used for conferences and planning that is often specially equipped (as with computers, maps, or charts)

War Room Logistics, LLC (WRL) is located in Gainesville, FL.

The company was founded by Stafford Jones and Alex Patton, two veteran, Republican political operatives.   The company was founded out of their own frustration with gaining reliable, affordable data for political operations.  WRL is the solution to their problem.

WRL utilizes state-of-the-art technology to reduce the cost of delivering accurate and reliable results.


WRL conducts both public opinion polls, which are designed to be released to the public and press as well as private research, which is designed for internal, classified use only.


Utilizing our scalable technology, WRL offers the capability to place millions of automated calls per day at an extremely affordable price.